$20 Physicals

For school, sports and camp
In support of local youth, sports, and education, ConvenientMD Urgent Care is offering $20 sports, school, and camp physicals.

  • Available from 8am-8pm, 7 days a week.
  • No appointment necessary… JUST WALK IN!

*Does not include any ancillary services, labs or tests that may be required.
Valid for 1st through 12th grade and traditional undergraduate college students.

What to expect at your physical

Sports, school and camp physicals have two main parts:

Step 1

  • Height, weight, blood pressure and pulse
  • Vision
  • Heart, lungs, abdomen, ears, nose and throat
  • Posture, joints, strength and flexibility

Step 2

  • Serious illnesses among other family members
  • Past illnesses, injuries, hospitalizations and surgeries
  • Whether you’ve passed out, felt dizzy, had chest pain, or strained breathing during exercise
  • Any medications you are on

School, sports, and camp physicals do not replace annual physicals with a primary care physician. All patients should see their primary care physicians on an annual basis to help manage their long-term care.

Vaccines Now Available

To help meet school immunization requirements, ConvenientMD now offers the Tdap* (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis/Whooping Cough), Menactra (Meningitis), and a variety of other common vaccines.