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Billing and Payment

Making Payments Painless and Easy

ConvenientMD is dedicated to making the billing process as easy as possible for you. We want to make sure you receive the full benefits of your insurance coverage. Often patients are only responsible for their co-pay, although the patient’s responsibility will vary by insurance plan. Our team is happy to help you with any questions you might have regarding the billing process, or your account specifically.

For billing questions, please call 603-410-6700,
Monday – Friday from 9am-4:30pm.

To make this process more convenient for you, ConvenientMD offers:

And also, to expedite your visit further:

Please make sure to bring your health insurance card to your visit. We will make a copy of the card for our files when you arrive. On your behalf, we will submit your secondary insurance for you. Please make sure to bring that along as well. If you are not the subscriber of the insurance that will cover your services, we will need the date of birth and social security number of the subscriber.

Should your information have changed since your last visit, please let our staff know so we can update this information in our records. We want to ensure that your services are billed to your insurance expeditiously.

No Insurance? No problem! ConvenientMD is here to serve EVERYONE.

The majority of insurance plans require that you make a co-payment at the time of service. Typically, besides your co-payment you are responsible for any unpaid amount not covered by your insurance plan. If you have questions about your insurance plan, please contact your insurance provider. The number will be on the back of your card.

When you receive a statement from ConvenientMD that details the remaining balance, please pay this amount promptly. Also, review the statement you receive from your insurance company. If ConvenientMD does not receive payment from your insurance company within a reasonable time, the remaining balance may be your responsibility. In the event an overpayment is made, it will be refunded after settlement with your insurance company.

Direct Billing To Insurance Providers

ConvenientMD will bill your insurance company on your behalf for the services we provide. We will verify your coverage either before or during your visit. Once we've heard back from your insurance provider, we will send you a statement that details the remaining balance, if any. In addition, you'll receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company that lists the services provided at ConvenientMD, the amount billed, any insurance payments made, and your responsibility.

Easy-To-Read Billing Statements

Once your insurance pays its portion for the services provided, you will receive a statement that details your services provided, what your insurance has paid, and the balance that you owe.

ConvenientPay Patient Payment Program

We understand that the last thing you want to do when you’re not feeling well is paperwork. In response to this, ConvenientMD has implemented a new policy, “ConvenientPay,” giving you the ability to file your credit or debit card with our billing department. This new policy decreases your time needed to check-in and checkout at our front desk as well as simplifying your visit with us down to one easy, automated payment. With this program, you pay $0 when you drop in to utilize our services. In other words, you won’t be responsible for any sort of copay prior to your visit with our medical team. Let us worry about handling your claim with your healthcare insurance provider so you can focus on getting better. After your healthcare insurance company has paid their portion of your visit and has notified us of your patient responsibility balance (if that is applicable to you), we’ll send you a statement notify you of the balance due for your visit. From there, you’ll have three days to review your statement and unless you notify us of any concerns, we will simply process the payment on the card you provided us. You’ll never receive multiple bills for the same visit, never overpay for a visit, and never incur any late-payment interest fees.