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6 Ways to Stay Active at Home


To limit the spread of COVID-19, it’s important that we all practice social distancing and self-isolation. That being said, increased time spent at home will likely cause a decrease in your activity level. Staying active at home is extremely important to both your physical and mental health. We are creatures of habit, so you will need to make a conscious effort to add physical activity to your daily routine for you and your family. Here are 6 ways you can stay active, while practicing social distancing.


6 Ways to Stay Active at Home


1. Home Workouts

If working out at home is not the norm for you, now is the time to try it! You don’t need equipment if you don’t have it, body-weight exercise has great benefits. There are endless amounts of resources online where you can find many different types of guided exercise classes. Obe Fitness, Peloton, and Aaptiv are just a few, as well as YouTube. Additionally, many local gyms and fitness companies are providing online workouts for their communities. Check out what the gyms in your area might be offering.


2. Walk Around the Neighborhood

In addition to staying active, spending time outside is also largely beneficial for your physical and mental health. Schedule time out of your day to take a brisk walk around the neighborhood. Before you leave the house, be sure to put on your face mask, and if you pass others keep your distance by at least 6 feet.


3. Just Dance!

Dancing has proven to greatly benefit physical health by increasing your heart rate, and your mental health by releasing stress. Put on some music and have a family dance party (or a solo dance party). Better yet, attend an online concert! There are an increasing number of free concerts being streamed online.


4. Spend Time in the Yard

Another way to stay active and spend time outdoors is to get that yard work done. Weeding, gardening, raking etc. will keep you active, and it will feel great to check these items off your list!


5. Get up and Move!

If you spend most of your day sitting at a desk, making an effort to simply stand up and walk around is important. Take a 10-15 minute break from work each hour to get up and move! Set a timer and see how many times to you can go up and down the stairs. Or, go outside and see how many times you can walk around the house.


6. Play With Your Kids and/or Pets

Be an active parent! Making sure your children get enough exercise is an important part of parenting. During these times, without sports practices and school recess, it’s especially important. Don’t just send your kids outside to play, join them! Go for a family bike ride, play tag, if you have a dog, play fetch.


These simple daily efforts can help you and your family stay active at home, while still practicing proper social distancing. If you struggle to get enough exercise, and the current self-isolation requirements make it even more difficult, start by setting an attainable goal and schedule the time for physical activity. You can even make this a family goal and work together to stay physically active. Make sure that increased time spent at home, doesn’t decrease your activity level by implementing a few of these 6 ways to stay active at home.