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Abscess Incision and Drainage

Urgent Care for Abscess Incision and Drainage

An abscess is a painful infection typically manifesting as a pocket of infected fluid. Inflammation is often present and can increase in severity with time alongside the infection. Though treatable when addressed early on, abscesses can lead to major complications due to spreading of material to nearby tissues.


What Causes Abscesses?

Abscesses typically form as a result of bacteria making its way under the skin. Ingrown hairs, for example, can cause abscesses, as can cuts and pokes that break the skin’s surface. The abscess itself is part of the body’s natural defense against the invading bacteria, forming a type of wall that keeps it from spreading to other areas. As the abscess grows, it becomes less stable and more prone to complications.

Though anyone can have an abscess, they are particularly common in those with poor circulation or diabetes.

What are the Symptoms of Abscesses?

Most abscesses begin as small inflammations on the skin. As the number of bacteria grows, however, additional symptoms may present. These include:

  • Swelling
  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Redness
  • “Raised” or Rounded Skin
  • Warmth to the Touch
  • Drainage/Pus

If left untreated, abscesses can also result in fever—medical attention should be sought immediately in such a case.

Diagnosing and Treating Abscesses

Diagnosing an abscess typically involves little more than a visual examination. In most cases, abscesses can be successfully treated by draining via incision. The abscess is cut open, drained of bacterial fluid and cleaned/bandaged. While the infection may continue to drain for several days, it should clear up within a week.

Since bacteria from a drained abscess can spread to adjacent areas—including the bloodstream—antibiotics may be prescribed.

Pediatric Considerations

Antibiotics are recommended for pediatric patients with abscesses that are unable to be drained, indicative of severe infection, or surrounded by significant cellulitis.

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