Dr. Ron Greenberg, Author at ConvenientMD

Strep Throat: A Bacterial Infection You Don’t Want to Ignore

Strep Throat Urgent Care

It’s the time of year when many of us end up developing sore, scratchy throats that can come seemingly out of nowhere. While the majority of sore throats can be attributed to factors such as seasonal change, airborne irritants and the common cold, there’s another culprit that can cause extremely painful sore throat as its main symptom—strep throat.


Allergies Have Arrived

March may be the start of the spring season, but plenty of people are still feeling the effects of winter in the form of colds and the flu. While the sniffles are no doubt common this time of year, many people misdiagnose themselves as having a cold when they’re actually suffering from a sinus infection. Though symptoms between the two can be similar, sinus infections are actually far more than mere nuisances—they can result in serious complications if not treated appropriately.