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Baseline Concussion Testing

Urgent Care for Baseline Concussion Testing

At ConvenientMD, we believe that managing concussions begins well before they ever actually occur. We’re proud to offer baseline concussion testing at all of our clinics in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts! It’s the first step in the proper diagnosis and treatment of concussions, and an ideal prophylactic step for children age 12-18 who are actively engaged in athletics.

What is Baseline Concussion Testing?

Baseline concussion testing is an essential pre-season examination utilized to gauge an athlete’s typical balance and brain functionality, surveying factors such as learning/memory skills, attention/concentration and problem-solving abilities—it also tests for the presence of concussion symptoms in seemingly healthy individuals. These results are then logged and later used for comparison in the event of a head injury.

Why Get a Baseline Concussion Test?

According to the CDC, baseline concussion testing is an excellent way to assess balance and brain functionality if a concussion is suspected, as it provides a benchmark to work from that helps highlight significant changes. This helps us at ConvenientMD determine an exact diagnosis and course of treatment in the event of injury, which can make a great deal of difference in terms of endgame concussion management.

What is the Typical Format for a Baseline Concussion Test?

Baseline concussion testing is a simple process that starts with checking for concussion symptoms, followed by an assessment of balance and cognitive elements like memory and concentration. Neuropsychological tests are then administered, which further evaluate memory, reaction time and additional factors. Prior medical history and history of concussion is also reviewed, including past experiences with headaches/migraines, depression and other neurological symptoms.

Pediatric Considerations

All concussions are serious. Pediatric patients especially should consider baseline concussion testing to ensure that, if a concussion is sustained, proper diagnosis and treatment can be performed as efficiently as possible.

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The danger of concussion is very real—especially for athletes and those who are consistently active. Baseline concussion testing can be an excellent way to ensure that concussions are properly identified and treated. At ConvenientMD, we offer baseline concussion testing at all of our locations in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. Just stop into any one of our clinics—you don’t ever need to make an appointment!

Don’t let a concussion ever go unnoticed—get a baseline concussion test at ConvenientMD today!

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