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ConvenientMD Policy on Serologic (Antibody) Testing


At ConvenientMD, we have elected not to offer serologic (antibody) testing at this time.  After reviewing the medical literature, including the Infectious Disease Society of America’s COVID-19 Antibody Testing Primer (last update April 29th), and discussing serologic (antibody) testing with state health officials, it appears that current serologic testing is beneficial for:

  1. Public health surveillance
  2. Identifying people whose serum can be used for deriving antibody treatments for patients infected with COVID-19 (convalescent serum)
  3. Vaccine development

However, there does not appear to be a benefit from antibody testing for an individual or businesses, as there is no evidence at this time that having a positive IgG antibody test denotes immunity or protection from future infection or that the individual is no longer infectious to others.  Therefore, even if an individual tests positive for IgG, they should still practice social distancing, comply with governmental stay at home orders and, if a health care provider, continue to use PPE as they would if the IgG antibody test was negative.

We will continue to monitor the development and utility of serologic (antibody) testing and if it becomes useful for individuals or businesses, we will consider implementing serologic (antibody) testing at that time.