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ConvenientMD Donates $1,425 to Pembroke Titans Against Drugs


Pembroke, MassachusettsJanuary 22, 2020 – ConvenientMD Urgent Care in Pembroke, Massachusetts partnered with Pembroke Titans Against Drugs for an interactive, social media-driven fundraising campaign. Throughout the month of December, ConvenientMD pledged to donate $3 to Pembroke Titans Against Drugs for each new “like” the ConvenientMD page received on Facebook. ConvenientMD is proud to announce that this partnership led to a donation of $1,425 to community partner, Pembroke Titans Against Drugs.

ConvenientMD Partners with Pembroke Titans Against Drugs

“A big part of our mission here at ConvenientMD is to partner with and provide fiscal support to area nonprofits doing a quality service within our local community,” says Ben Collins, Chief Growth Officer of ConvenientMD. “An easy and fun way to do that is to get the community at large engaged and active in the initiative as well. We were more than happy to launch this campaign and are pleased to partner with such a worthy beneficiary who is making such a positive impact with their work.”

“Pembroke Titans Against Drugs is a great local organization that partners with community groups, and organizes community events to provide prevention education on substance use and abuse,” says Adam Rosenthal, Marketing Director of ConvenientMD. “Pembroke Titans Against Drugs is passionate about educating the local youth and minimizing the existence of local substance abuse issues in the community. We’re excited to give back to this organization.”

About Pembroke Titans Against Drugs

Pembroke Titans Against Drugs (PTAD) was formed in August 2014 with the vision of Pembroke Massachusetts as a drug free community. PTAD is a community- based coalition working with all community groups to minimize the prevalence of substance use and abuse by increasing prevention education for the community. PTAD has three main goals, the first is to provide formal education for all local youth of the risks, dangers and susceptibility of substance abuse. Second, encourage the procurement of healthy decisions, healthy lifestyles, & healthy relationships, confidence, and individuality for community youth. And finally, provide direction for families seeking help in dealing with the stressors & challenges due to addicted loved ones.

Pembroke Titans Against Drugs

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