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Employer Services

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Protecting and Providing the Good Health of Your Workforce

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Our job is to keep your employees healthy and productive- allowing you, the employer to quickly and easily ensure the health of your employees through our Workers’ Compensation, Occupational Medicine and Urgent Care services. Our employer services programs are designed to help employers keep their employees in optimal health and reduce employee absenteeism. Employees are able to visit a conveniently located center 7 days a week, from 8am to 8pm. We’re the experts at keeping your team healthy and happy which keeps your business healthy and happy as well.

ConvenientMD is here to partner with you and is happy to meet and discuss whatever your needs are. Contact us today!

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Clinical services:

  • Occupational injury care
  • Laceration and wound care
  • Treatment of eye injuries
  • Treatment of burns
  • Follow-up care and evaluation

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Diagnostic services

  • Drug/alcohol screenings
    (including DOT)
  • Urinalysis
  • Audiometry screening
  • Health screenings
  • X-rays
  • EKGs
  • TB skin tests

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Physical exams include

  • DOT physical exams
  • Pre-employment/new hire
  • Return-to-work clearance
  • Annual Exams
  • Periodic Exams
  • Mandatory exams for some regulatory licensing agencies
  • Physical capabilities assessment

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Our additional services include

  • Physician referrals
  • Diagnostic scheduling
  • Rehabilitation referrals
  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services (DOT/ Non-DOT)


Benefits To Employers

The benefits of partnering with ConvenientMD as your go-to medical care are vast. We help keep your employees safe and healthy, and help save you money.Beyond offering the highest quality of care, the benefits we offer employers include:
  • Convenient hours, including weekends
  • Cost savings across the board
  • Updates on a patient’s return-to-work process – clear communicative channels
  • Efficient treatment practices that ultimately limits days lost to injury
  • Pre-employment screening processes to ensure candidates are qualified for the job they’re competing for
  • Coordination with outside referrals and testing services
  • Quality options for any urgent care needs for employees

Work Injury

Our first priority is to provide quality, quick care to an injured worker. In addition, we also understand the importance and value to employers and employees of helping get employees healthy and back to work as quickly as possible. To do this, we work closely with the employer to determine the best plan of action for the injured worker.Our first priority is to provide Quality Care. When You Need it. Made Affordable. to an injured worker. In addition, we also understand the importance and value to employers and employees of helping get employees healthy and back to work as quickly as possible. To do this, we work closely with the employer to determine the best plan of action for the injured employee.Communication is the key to ensuring claims are processed promptly and accurately. Our philosophy is to make certain an injured employee receives the best possible care while being conscious of OSHA recordables and lost work time.ConvenientMD will adhere to your company's current workers' compensation procedures and will coordinate any and all necessary outside medical referrals that may arise.

Pre Employment

Many of our clients, like trucking and manufacturing companies, are governed by regulatory agencies. Our clients appreciate that we pride ourselves in our commitment to provide world-class care to your injured employees and put them back in action as soon as medically possible. It’s important to keep your staff happy and healthy so they can do the best job for you that they can. Without great medical care, happiness diminishes, complications can occur, and treatment may wind up being prolonged – causing medical expenses to soar.Another important element here is making sure you’re hiring the right staff for the right position. With a full service suite dedicated to pre-occupational / pre-employment screenings, we accurately assess employee candidates for the job responsibilities they are being hired for to ensure they’re healthy for the job. We can fully customize your pre-employment screenings to your company’s exact requirements.ConvenientMD is here to partner with you and are happy to meet and discuss whatever your needs are.The employers we currently work with appreciate that ConvenientMD is open from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.

Reducing Healthcare Costs for Employers

One of the most significant advantages of ConvenientMD is that it saves your business and your employees' money. By encouraging workers to choose ConvenientMD Urgent Care over the emergency room, they will pay lower copays for the highest quality of care, and be seen more quickly than your traditional ER visit. As the employer, you will be able to take advantage of lower health care premiums when more of your employees make the switch to affordable urgent care.Urgent care does not require making an appointment, which is good if a worker is injured on the job unexpectedly. When your employee walks through our doors, our top-tiered medical team of physicians, RNs, X-ray technologists, and other friendly medical professionals are ready to provide them with what they need to get on the fast track to recovery and back in the field.