Free flu vaccines available now!

Take your shot at fighting the flu this season at ConvenientMD. We have everything to make getting your flu vaccine quick and easy. We’re open seven days a week, so just stop into one of our clinics in Maine, New Hampshire or Massachusetts without ever needing an appointment.

Is the flu vaccine right for you?

Who Should Get The Vaccine

  • Anyone 6 months of older should get it. It is especially critical for:
  • Children 6 months to 5 years of age
  • Adults 65 years of age and older
  • Pregnant women
  • Healthcare workers
  • If you suffer from Asthma, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Weakened Immune Systems
  • Caregivers of Children under 5

Who Should Not Get The Vaccine

  • Children under 6 months of age
  • If you are allergic to eggs
  • If you had a severe reaction to a flu vaccine in the past
  • If you have a moderate or severe illness/fever, you should wait OR people who have a moderate or severe illness/fever should wait

This is your shot at protecting yourself, your family, and your neighbors.
Influenza is a serious disease that can lead to hospitalization and sometimes death. Every flu season is different, and influenza infection can affect people differently. The single best way to protect you and your family against the flu is to get vaccinated each year.


* We carry flu vaccines for ages 6 months and older.

* Flu vaccines are free for all patients. If you carry healthcare insurance,
we will bill your carrier at no cost to you.