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The common male I am I waited till last minute to renew my DOT Medical Card. I was able to walk in, have my physical, got a new card. Quick and easy. Thank You

Michael B.

The Portsmouth office is super clean and well put together. The staff is welcoming as well as professional. Truthfully, when you go to places like this you don’t expect it to be a pleasant experience. Totally not the case here, if you have any sort of issue and don’t have a primary care I highly recommend this urgent care facility.

Michelle L.

The Portsmouth office is super clean and well put together. The staff is welcoming as well as professional. Truthfully, when you go to places like this you don’t expect it to be a pleasant experience. Totally not the case here, if you have any sort of issue and don’t have a primary care I highly recommend this urgent care facility.

Michaela H.

I have used this facility twice now. I came back a second time because the first was commendable and the second proved to be the same. The medical personnel have been thoughtful and thorough in regards to me as a person specifically my medical history and my present concerns. They were on their game ruling out possibilities and focusing on likely culprits. The ancillary help all were helpful and friendly. The facility was amazingly clean. The waiting area is large and the care facility even larger...no hurry, no rush, no cramped and uncomfortable spaces. I highly recommend it.

Jan O.

The staff here is very friendly and I was seen almost immediately after I checked in. They took a somewhat detailed medical history before getting in to the reason I was there. That's good because now I'm in the system and if I have to go back, they have me. I was able to get treatment on a Friday afternoon...something I would not have been able to get at my own physician's office. (I checked with them first.) This is EXACTLY as the name says - ConvenientMD Urgent Care. Perfectly named. I will not hesitate to go again should the need arise and highly recommend them.

Dottie M.

This was the second time I’ve been to this location and both times the staff has been friendly and knowledgeable. I filled out simple paperwork, and within half an hour I was done and on my way. It’s nice having a place where you don’t have to sit and wait too long

Brandon M.

I had to get stitches at almost closing time on a frigid night. Right from the moment I entered the staff was friendly, helpful, and kind. They took care of me efficiently and professionally. The facility was spotless but welcoming. The provided me with all the paperwork and information I needed. I was soon on my way, with my follow up appointments made! I would recommend them to anyone. I shouldn’t have been so surprised though since it was an all woman staff! Thank you all.


I give you guys 10++ You guys were so awesome!!! I felt extremely comfortable and very well taken care of! Took care of me right away and treated me with kindness and compassion. Thank you so much to everyone that helped me, your entire staff was warm and friendly and extremely professional.

Sandra W.

I met with a receptionist, nurse and PA.. all 3 were friendly, kind and professional. It’s a nice atmosphere, especially when you don’t feel well. Great work!

Stacy C.

I was really impressed by the registration process the girls in front were very pleasant to talk to the waiting time was short, and the X-ray tech also took me right away as did the Dr. I found going to convenient MD easier then going to my primary Dr.

Karen S.

I visited Convenient MD in Merrimack and obviously anytime you go to these urgent care facilities they're a little quicker than the the ER at the hospital but usually you can expect to be there for an hour or two. Well I went in for the first time and was literally in and out in 20 min. The PA that saw me was very professional and diagnosed my situation perfectly. I would recommend to anyone in need of quick medical attention to go to this facilty. I know if ever I'm in need it's the first place I will go as I'm very pleased with they're team. Thank you

Bruce R.

The staff here are polite and friendly. The nurse practitioner Kim made my son laugh. Thank you he doesn't like going to see doctors. Unless it is his own doctor. Love ConvenientMD.

Cindy B.

I brought my middle school daughter in to be seen for nasal congestion. Dr. K directed all of her questions to my daughter and treated her like the young lady she is becoming. She even gave her a hug at the end of the visit! So impressed with the personal attention we always receive at Convenient MD Keene.

Jill M.

Always a easy, quick and efficient at Keene location. Unfortunately I’m there more often than I want to be, but it’s always so easy and efficient having two kids they make it easy on the parent and it’s a one stop situation so you can get medications filled there also. It’s a tremendous help having such a fantastically run branch in our hometown.

Ben W.

Excellent care. The facility is clean, updated and very nice. Comfortable waiting room. Exam rooms are small but well laid out. The staff was absolutely exceptional. They were patient, compassionate, and very personable. I was treated quickly and even able to get my antibiotic right there instead of having to run around.

Chelcea H.

They were amazing, I came in close to closing and in in-climate weather, I thought I had the flu . I did not see one eye roll nor hear a negative comment they ALL provided me service with a smile even as I walked out the door 30 minuets after closing. They surpassed my level of expectations for customer experience. I ended up with pneumonia and on the mend back to work two days later. If I could I’d give them all a hug flowers and a box of chocolates thank you

Adam K.

They made me feel so at ease with my situation. The Dr nursing asst. was the kindest & most caring person. She was so sweet & helpful to me. I would highly recommend this place if you have a medical issue that needs attention. There awesome!

Lynn H.

I was completely dreading going to an urgent care type place. We were so pleasantly surprised at the great experience we had. Everyone was super friendly, professional and efficient. It honestly amazed me how quickly we were in and out of there with our issue solved. I highly recommend this clinic.

Aili B.

We have had great experience with Convenient MD. We are new to the area and before I could establish a relationship with a primary care provider had to take two of my children in on separate occasions. The doctors we saw were clearly experienced, good with my children, very concise, clear with their explanations and instructions, and on target with diagnosis and treatment. The physician’s assistant was quick to consult with a physician when she was unsure of a diagnosis. The front desk staff were knowledgeable about which pharmacy to fill our prescription at 9pm on a Saturday.

Elizabeth R.

The staff at Convenient MD in Concord are always friendly, compassionate, informative & professional. Their wait times are very reasonable & if it gets very busy they call in additional providers so patients can get in and out. I highly recommend them!

Jennifer D.

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