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Clinical Leadership

Dr. Mark Pundt, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Mark R. Pundt is the Chief Medical Officer for ConvenientMD Urgent Care. A graduate of the State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo School of Medicine, Dr. Pundt is certified by the Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians and by the American Board of Emergency Physicians.

At ConvenientMD, Dr. Pundt is now leading a team of expert physicians, regional medical directors and medical professionals who deliver the highest quality urgent care that is both affordable and accessible.

Prior to joining ConvenientMD, Dr. Pundt created and operated MASH Urgent Care, one of the most prominent urgent care centers in New York State. As the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Pundt led the management of and medical teams for seven urgent care centers in Western New York.

While in this role, Dr. Pundt continuously drove collaboration with local hospitals and the broader medical community. This resulted in better resource allocation, improved coordination of care and increased access for patients throughout Western New York, benefiting the entire regional health care system.

In addition to his leadership of and experience with Mash Urgent Care, Dr. Pundt was also Chief Resident in Emergency Medicine at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Cleveland and a top physician at Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital in the emergency department.

Personally and professionally, Dr. Pundt is dedicated to ensuring positive customer experiences throughout all health care communities. He is also focused on healthcare price transparency and cost containment. To address a frequent customer concern with late and inaccurate insurance reimbursements, he received specialized training in medical billing and coding and started DocAssist, LLC, a company staffed by certified medical billers and coders as well as clinical consultants to foster a team approach to addressing these issues.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Dr. Pundt led several initiatives with the SUNY Buffalo School of Medicine to create teaching and research opportunities for residents and medical students. The result of these partnerships has been a continued and significant improvement in quality of care, as well as the community’s access to affordable medical services.

Consistent with the values of ConvenientMD, Dr. Pundt believes in local health care systems and helps to promote medical communities and leading experts, enhancing the quality, affordability and availability of patient care.

Dr. Debra E. Margolis, Regional Medical Director

Dr. Debra E. Margolis, Regional Medical Director, is an invaluable piece of the ConvenientMD puzzle. Dr. Margolis has been practicing medicine for over 15 years. She comes to ConvenientMD from Parkland Urgent Care where she also served as Medical Director. Prior to her role in the urgent care sector, she served for over a decade as a family practitioner.

Dr. Margolis is an award-winning physician (which includes the “Top Doctor” honor from NH Magazine’s People’s Choice poll), who is board-certified with the American Academy of Family Physicians and is a member of Urgent Care Association of America, American Academy of Family Physicians, and NH Osteopathic Association.

“My interest in joining the ConvenientMD team stemmed from a willingness to pursue a career path in urgent care. ConvenientMD offers affordable healthcare to all – something I’m proud to align my practices with. ConvenientMD allows for individuals to easily access healthcare in a system that is overwhelmed with patients and not enough providers. We strive to work with community providers and hospitals to provide the best, collaborative care for the patients. I chose ConvenientMD because of the patient centered approach to urgent care. That’s extremely important to me.”