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Why ConvenientMD

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Quality, Compassionate Healthcare – Right Around the Corner

  • Quality Care
    An experienced, passionate team dedicated to your wellness.
  • Convenient
    Just walk in. Literally.
  • Affordable
    The highest level of care at the lowest rates.

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At ConvenientMD, we believe that urgent care is more than just providing timely treatment of non-life threatening injuries and illnesses. We are a privately owned, Portsmouth, NH-based company dedicated to providing the best medical care for our patients and staff. By infusing compassion and convenience into our practice, we are not only raising the bar for urgent care, we are redefining the health care experience.

It’s about providing a more compassionate and affordable healthcare option to the communities we serve. It starts when you arrive in our comfortable, inviting reception area and continues with our staff listening to your every concern and providing the treatment you need efficiently and professionally so you and your family can get on your way to a fast recovery.

But the care doesn’t end there…

After you leave, we make sure you stay on the road to good health by calling you a few days later to see how you’re feeling. We will also follow up with your pediatrician, family practice, or internal medicine physician to ensure that you get the care you need on an ongoing basis.

Community driven, we not only care and cure those who choose us for their healthcare needs, we also work tirelessly with the greater community by donating time, energy and monies to local organizations, schools and non-profits.

Quality Care

When it comes to your healthcare needs, only the best will do. Which is exactly why we staff our facilities with the most highly experienced physicians, nurses, x-ray technicians, and medical team the healthcare field has to offer. At ConvenientMD, there exists no compromise. We treat you like we treat our own family. We are your comprehensive healthcare solution when you require immediate attention.All of our state of the art facilities include 12 exam rooms, an onsite lab, x-ray capabilities, and a procedure room led by our world-class medical team (that often has 15-20 years of emergency room experience). We yield at nothing to provide you and your family with the most exemplary care you’ll find in any doctor’s office anywhere. Your health is our top priority.Read more about the comprehensive set of services we provide (all under one roof!)


Open 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm, we’re your convenient option for treating injuries and illnesses. With an average treatment time of under an hour, we are committed to providing you with unwavering, compassionate care, without long, unnecessary waits. It’s all about conveniently serving YOU. There’s no need to schedule an appointment – our team is waiting so you don’t have to! Insurances are accepted, but not required. We also have a variety of the most commonly prescribed medications on site, saving you an extra trip to the pharmacy.Questions about urgent care? Read on


Offering the lowest rates around, we pride ourselves on earning and maintaining your loyalty and trust. It’s estimated that one-third of the U.S. population avoids visiting a healthcare professional when they’re in need because they deem it “cost prohibitive” (this includes those with insurance coverage!). You’ll learn very quickly that tending to your healthcare needs is not a cost prohibitive action when you visit us here at ConvenientMD.We don’t bill our patients a facility fee. Say goodbye to confusing bills coming from multiple sources. What you’ll get is one bill outlining all the services rendered during your visit, rather than separate bills coming from ancillary departments such as labs, imaging, etc. Our cost is billed out on a primary care fee schedule, so a visit to ConvenientMD is comparable to going to your primary care provider. With ConvenientMD you’re getting the highest standard of healthcare at an extremely affordable rate – costing you approximately 75% - 90% less than a visit to an ER, and typically 40% - 65% less than a hospital affiliated urgent care center.Read more about our billing and payment options