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Merrimack, NH

Merrimack, NH Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic

2 Dobson Way, Merrimack, NH 03054
Open 8am - 8pm, 7 days a week
No Appointment Needed!

Expert care. When you need it. Made affordable.

ConvenientMD Urgent Care in Merrimack, NH offers a high-quality, convenient, affordable option for treating injuries and illnesses. A full medical team is always on site, ready to treat all ages in a welcoming and friendly environment. When you have a minor emergency or just need medical care fast and easy, ConvenientMD is available to serve you quickly, professionally, and affordably. No appointment needed - just walk in or check-in online to our urgent care clinic in Merrimack today!

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Open 8am - 8pm, 7 days a week

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Why Choose ConvenientMD Urgent Care in Merrimack?


Don't just take it from us, let our patients do the talking!

Everyone is so friendly and helpful, the waiting time was only a few minutes. I have been a couple of times and will again! Thank you all at convenient MD I highly recommend this urgent care center.

Carrie D.

Great doctor, great nursing and X-ray staff, and registration went very smoothly. The whole process of diagnosis, treatment and discharge went very well. You should be happy to have such a great staff and team. I showed up and was evaluated, had tests done, got prescriptions and was out of there within 40 minutes.

Corey T.

My son had a scratched cornea on a Sunday night and it was 7:45 pm when we arrived 15 minutes before closing. The team did a thorough examination and gave us the medicine he needed right there and then. Saved not only a emergency hospital visit but also saved a pharmacy visit as well! Thank you for everything!

Jacob C.

I am so impressed with this urgent care facility! It’s clean, the waits are not long and the level of care is exceptional! The nurses and doctors are more thorough than most urgent care and ER facilities and way less expensive.

Terri B.

I had my blood drawn, my eyes tested, a flu shot and a full physical. Although these events are not exactly fun, the staff at ConvenientMD was hands down the best I have ever experienced. They are knowledgeable, kind and considerate to your needs. (I had a three year old with me and they put on cartoons for him). The front office was efficient, the doctor had a great personality, and the nurse who drew my blood and gave me a flu shot is a miracle worker. I never felt it! I highly recommend.

Robin P.