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Breath Alcohol Testing

Urgent Care for Breath Alcohol Testing

For many employers, it’s important to have the ability to test for abuse of alcohol amongst employees. We offer breath alcohol testing at ConvenientMD, which may be used to confirm suspicions, or simply to ensure a safe, productive workforce on an ongoing basis.

What is Breath Alcohol Testing?

As one might expect, breath alcohol testing is used to detect the presence of alcohol within the body. We perform the test utilizing a breathalyzer capable of recognizing even minute amounts of alcohol on the breath, including numbers lower than the 0.08% BAC legal limit. For employers, it can be a tool for ensuring employees are not abusing alcohol while on the job or showing up to work intoxicated.

Why Consider Breath Alcohol Testing?

Employers across all industries look to breath alcohol testing to safeguard their businesses and staff members. Many organizations require breath alcohol testing as a pre-employment step and/or for post-accident visits. DOT and non-DOT employers may also choose to test employers on an ongoing basis—especially if suspicions of on-premises abuse are present.

What is the Typical Process for Breath Alcohol Testing?

Breath alcohol testing at ConvenientMD is a fast, simple process that often takes just moments from start to finish. An employee can show up at any time, and the test itself involves nothing more than blowing into a breathalyzer. From there, results are logged and immediately reported to your organization.

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