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ConvenientMD Brings Care and Education to Ghana


In late April a group of 11 ConvenientMD employees teamed up with Vision International Missions of Manchester, NH to participate in a medical mission trip to Ghana, Africa. ConvenientMD is passionate about the overall health of our communities, both locally and internationally. Our ConvenientMD Cares Foundation sends team members and supplies to communities that lack access to adequate medical care and resources.

In Ghana, this team spent two days teaching an interactive and valuable course called Helping Babies Breathe to 46 nurses, midwives, and physician assistants. Helping Babies Breathe is an educational program in neonatal resuscitation for birth attendants in resource limited settings. The goal of Helping Babies Breathe is to prepare birth attendants to care for both healthy newborns and newborns who are not breathing at birth. Most of the students recognized and had seen the resuscitation bag before, but few had received any formal training on how or when to use one.

The team also ran medical clinics in two different areas of Ghana, serving 206 patients in need. They provided care, medications and supplies, and giveaways to include vitamins, body wash, soap, toothbrushes and more.

Dr. Jo Ann Gates, our Medical Director and Director of Global Health and International Outreach, leads and coordinates each of these mission trips. Here are her words describing this most recent journey:

Our mission trip to Ghana was blessed in so many ways. During our first 2 days, we taught 46 nurses, midwives, and physician assistants how to resuscitate newborns with the Helping Babies Breathe program. Many students came from clinics up to 11 hours away. On the morning of our second day, one of our students told us that this very morning, she had used the training from day one to revive a limp baby. The students were amazing and skilled, and were very grateful for this training. We were able to donate 8 neonatal mannequin sets, 20 resuscitation bags, and 46 penguin suction bulbs thanks to the ConvenientMD Cares Foundation and Gareth Dickens. The students vowed to take the training back to their own clinics to teach others and practice continually. After the closing ceremonies, I was interviewed about the program on national radio. I hope this will lead to more awareness of the HBB program and more trainings in Ghana. We held medical clinics over the next 2 days – one outside under the cover of trees with chickens roaming around. We saw 206 patients, did over 30 joint injections, and made 16 referrals. Our leftover medications and supplies went to local clinics in need. I could not have done it without my amazing team from ConvenientMD and of course Ken from Vision International Missions.


A special thank you to Dr. Jo Gates and Ken Whitten, President of Vision International Missions, for organizing this successful trip. As well as the gracious hosts and community members in Ghana for housing and welcoming our team members. We are already looking forward to ConvenientMD Care’s next mission trip.