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ConvenientMD is owned and operated by people who live in the communities we serve. While we focus on revolutionizing the patient experience by providing convenient, state-of-the-art medical care at a fraction of the cost of existing alternatives, we are also passionate about the overall health of our communities. Our continued growth enables us to reinvest in programs that support our communities.

The ConvenientMD Cares program has two core initiatives: Impact Grants and Volunteerism through local efforts as well as domestic and international medical missions. Impact Grants provide funding to local, nonprofit organizations where we operate clinics. Volunteerism sends medical providers and supplies domestically as well as internationally to communities that lack access to adequate medical care.

Corporate Sponsorships

As a locally owned and operated company, we realize providing value to our patients is only one part of our mission – we also want to reinvest in our communities by supporting great charities and organizations through sponsorships. We take a unique approach to our sponsorships and proactively identify and pursue sponsorships that will help raise awareness and make investments in organizations that help provide much needed services to our communities. If you are a local organization or charity looking for support, please send an email to

This year, each of our clinics are proud to support their communities by donating $1 per flu shot given in November and December to a local charity.

The organizations we will donate to include Liberty House, Friendly Kitchen, Cocheco Valley Humane Society, Stratham SPCA, Monadnock Humane Society, City Year New Hampshire, Harbor Homes, Rett’s Roost, On the Road to Wellness, Special Olympics Maine and My Place Teen Center.


Our team is passionate about the health of our communities as well as those other communities in need. We recognize that many people throughout the world do not have access to the same level of medical care and we strive to help given our expertise in quality care. Our medical missions send our highly skilled medical personnel to different parts of the world where their expertise is otherwise inaccessible. To date we have sent ConvenientMD team members to the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Ghana.

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Our employee-managed committee identifies organizations that create a meaningful impact in our local communities. Click the application button to find out more about selection criteria and how to apply.

+ More Information on Impact Grants

Convenient MD currently funds quarterly grants each year for up to $5,000. The Grant Committee may decide to award the full $5,000 to one organization or to split the total between several organizations that provide services within the area we operate clinics. As suggested by the name of the program, Impact Grants are designed to focus our giving in specific areas we believe will have a meaningful impact on the community. In some cases, we will remain focused in one particular area of interest for a year or more while in others, we may shift each quarter.

The current issues we feel compelled to address is the opiate crisis. Substance abuse impacts all communities, and in our work, we see the impact it has among our patients and their family members. We are actively seeking grant applications from nonprofits that are addressing aspects of the opiate crisis.

How does the Impact Grant process work?

The Impact Grant awards are managed by a volunteer team of Convenient MD employees. Every 3 months, they review all grant requests and determine which organization to fund. Organizations that meet the application criteria (link to criteria) can submit their request using our online application process. Click here to view the application information required.

When are application deadlines?

Funding decisions are made every 3 months. The application deadline closes 30 days before the Impact Grant Committee meets. The actual deadline for submissions is the last day of the following months: February, May, August, and November. Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered in the following cycle.

For more information on Imact Grants, contact: