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Drug Screens

Urgent Care for Drug Screens

At ConvenientMD, we take employee safety seriously. We’re proud to be able to offer comprehensive drug screens to employers in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. Our team will work directly with your human resources department to ensure fast, dependable results. With clinical labs right on site, ConvenientMD makes drug testing as easy and hurdle-free as possible.

What is Drug Screening?

Drug screening is a series of tests that look for the presence of drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine and others in the body. Many employers require pre-employment drug screens as a means of vetting new workers—some also ask for random drug screens, which can be administered throughout the year. Alcohol and high levels of prescription drugs can also be tested for.

Why Consider Drug Screening?

Employers who are looking to increase productivity levels and minimize employee downtime may look toward pre-employment and random drug screening as an effective tool for doing so. Depending upon the nature of the work being performed, drug screens may also be necessary for ensuring safety on the job. Other factors that may play into an employer requesting drug screens include values and company culture.

What is the Typical Process for Drug Screening?

Most drug screens are non-invasive and can be performed via a simple urine sample. Employees can come into ConvenientMD for drug screens without ever needing an appointment. Since all tests are performed at our clinics, we’re usually able to offer rapid turnaround on results.

Visit Any ConvenientMD Location in New Hampshire, Maine or Massachusetts Today for Pre-employment and Random Drug Screening!

Pre-employment and random drug screening are becoming increasingly important in today’s workforce, and ConvenientMD is here to help. All of our locations in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts are equipped with labs for drug screens, and your employees never need to make an appointment to be seen. Just have them show up—we’ll take care of the rest.

Work with ConvenientMD for all of your drug screening needs today! Contact us to learn more about how pre-employment and random drug screens can help streamline your productivity and help keep your workers safe.

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