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The Signs and Symptoms of 5 Common Back-to-School Illnesses

As thousands of kids throughout New England prepare to return for yet another school year, parents across New England are already dreading the back-to-school illnesses that plague classrooms across all grade levels. Avoiding getting sick around the start of a new school year can be challenging, but it helps to have an understanding of what to look out for. Here Read More >


Ouch! Treating Lacerations and Cuts at ConvenientMD

Lacerations and cuts Urgent Care

Another school year is here, and for many students, athletics have already begun. While getting out onto the field can be a fun, rewarding experience, playing sports comes along with the risk of injury—especially fall contact sports like football. Lacerations and cuts can happen both on and off the field, and they’re by no means restricted to students or athletes. So, what should you do if you or a loved one gets hurt?


What You Need to Know This Summer About Broken Bones and Fractures

broken bones and fractures

That warm summer weather we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. While some may prefer to spend their days basking in the comfort of air conditioning, others are more concerned with getting in as much outdoor activity as possible this summer. While injuries can happen at any time, they tend to occur with more frequency during the more active summer months—especially when it comes to broken bones and fractures.


Sprains and Strains: Sports Injuries You Don’t Want to Ignore


June is one of the most beautiful months of the year in New England, not to mention the perfect time to get outside and be active. It’s a runner’s paradise—not too hot, not too cool—and tailor-fit for hiking, biking, tennis and other outdoor activities. Along with June, however, always comes an influx of injuries across all of our ConvenientMD locations, with sprains and strains topping the list.


Tick Bites

With the weather finally beginning to show signs of summer, many people—ourselves included—are feeling an urge to spend more time outdoors. It’s the perfect time of year to head out for a run or a hike, but also the season when ticks begin to emerge in vast numbers throughout New England. While the threat of tick bites often gets ignored, the potential for contracting Lyme disease is very real and should not go overlooked.