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Flu Season is Here

It’s that time of the year again—flu season has officially arrived in New England. There are ways to reduce the chances of you and your family from getting the flu this winter including washing your hands regularly, cleaning communal surfaces and avoiding those who are sick. If however you do end up feeling ill, it helps to be able to identify whether or not the flu is causing your symptoms—here’s what you need to know.


4 Common Winter Injuries in New England

Whether it be a gentle walk around the neighborhood or a full day of hitting the slopes, there are a number of ways to stay active during the chilly winter months. Winter fun doesn’t come without its caveats, though. Accidents and injuries become increasingly common in the presence of ice, snow and extreme cold temperatures.


5 Reasons to Get Your Lab Work Done at ConvenientMD

Nearly everyone is required to get blood work done on an occasional basis—even those who are perfectly healthy. Whether planned ahead of time or considered an immediate need, filling lab orders can certainly be an inconvenience. Getting lab work done often means making a trip to the hospital, or struggling to find an appointment that fits within your busy schedule. Read More >


Preventing Illness While Traveling

For many of us, holiday season is travel season. Whether driving, flying, or using public transportation, the fact is that extensive travel of any kind can be tough on the body and lead to an increased likelihood of getting sick. Are you traveling for the holidays? Here are six things you can do to avoid getting sick.


The Truth to 5 Common Flu Shot Myths

There are many misconceptions and myths about the flu shot that make some wary about getting vaccinated. However, research performed by the CDC shows that the flu vaccine prevents millions of flu-related doctor visits and hospitalizations each year, and can be lifesaving – especially for children. Here is the truth behind the most common flu shot myths.